After scandal and separation, Wanessa has final outcome of relationship announced with Dado Dolabella

Wanessa Camargo plans dream relationship with Dado Dolabella

Vanessa Camargo and Dolabella data they are firm and apparently very strong. Because of this, until Zezé Di Camargo is showing support for the new couple. The singer broke up a few months ago and shortly after, she has already assumed the new relationship and the final outcome for a fairy tale.

According to Jornal Extra, Zezé is supporting his daughter: “Zezé has given his daughter full support. It’s a way of repaying her attitude towards her story with Graciele (Lacerda). Wanessa was the first of her children to accept her as a family.”

In addition, the report also states that Wanessa Camargo is planning an heir with her boyfriend. For now, these are just plans, but we can already expect an official announcement from the singer in the coming months. Maybe because the marriage ended so recently, she still doesn’t feel comfortable.

In fact, it should be noted that Dado Dolabella’s aggressive history is not beyond charming. Accused of assaulting Luana Piovani, he is still detonated by the public at home.


While Wanessa Camargo lives a new romance, Marcus Buaiz worries about the heirs, João and José.

“This is not”, ex-husband explodes with Wanessa Camargo, after the singer gets back together with Dado and gets involved in the relationship

Wanessa Camargo and Marcus Buaiz signed the divorce papers (Photo: Reproduction)

Wanessa’s ex-husband, after a cruel separation, comes up with a man and assumes a relationship of years: “I love you”

Dado Dolabella and Wanessa Camargo resumed their relationship (Photo: Reproduction/Editing)

Incest? Dado Dolabella, dating Wanessa, has a sex scandal and a relationship with his own cousin

According to columnist Matheus Baldifrom Fofocalizando, on SBT, the businessman avoids statements about the new couple.

But Marcus Buaiz has already commented on the matter to people closest to him and confessed that his biggest concern is his heirs.

That’s because, the little ones have been through a few and good during the divorce controversies and now they must deal with Wanessa’s new romance.

“That’s not your problem”said Marcus Buaiz about the singer’s possible affair with Dado Dolabella.

However, anyone who believes that the businessman does not praise his ex-wife is wrong and highlighted the way she treats them: “She’s a good mother.”

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