Before killing sister, PM assaulted another pregnant sister and shot into the air as she was stopped in a bar | Rio de Janeiro

The incident took place at a gas station in the Camarão neighborhood, in São Gonçalo, after a fight. Relatives of the military police officer claim that she was already drunk hours before the murder. This Sunday (3), Rhillayne had the arrest in the act converted into preventive.

TV Globo had access to testimonies at the 73rd DP (Neves) about the night and dawn of the tragedy.

According to Rhillayne’s husband, who is also a military police officer Leonardo de Paiva Barbosa, the woman left the house between 20:30 and 21:00 for an aunt’s party. On the way out, Rhillayne took an app car with another sister, Thailayneand the mother, PatriciaRhãyna still wasn’t with them.

“The fight started on the return from the family party (…). The reason was Rhillayne’s behavior with the Uber driver, once she found him suspiciousand Patricia and Thailayne would have scolded”, narrates Leonardo’s statement.

Rhãyna was killed by her sister – Photo: Reproduction

Gabriel de Souza Mottafather of Thaillayne’s son and brother-in-law of Rhãyna and Rhãyna and Rhãyna, said he was with Rhãyna in a bar when she was informed of the fight in the app car.

“Rhãyna even showed a photo, one of those that the app only allows for one viewing, from Thailayne with several scratches”, says the testimony of the brother-in-law.

Despite this, at dawn of the crime, Rhãyna received a message from Rhaillayne inviting them to drink. They found Rhillayne “drinking alone and showing signs that she was under the influence of alcohol”.

Rhillayne was arrested in the act – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

“When the bar closed, Rhillayne wanted to return to the establishment to use the bathroom, but she was prevented by the staff and the bar owner,” narrated Gabriel. “Rhaillayne tried to force entry and intimidate the owner of the bar and even fired a shot into the air”highlighted.

After they left the bar, they all went to a gas station. “Given the behavior of Rhaillayne, Rhãyna even called Leonardo to take the PM home,” she said.

“Rhaillayne and Rhãyna fell out and began to argue. Leonardo arrived at the post and tried to calm the situation; even though, the fight between the two got worse”, continues the term.

“Rhaillayne attacked Rhãyna first, punching her in the head; Rhãyna retaliated, hitting Rhaillayne to the point where she lost her balance and fell to the ground. The moment Rhãillayne started to get up, she drew her pistol from her waist and started shooting in Rhãyna’s direction,” she detailed.

Rhillayne missed the first shots, but managed to hit Rhãynawho fell to the ground, wounded and bleeding, dying moments later.

Rhillayne is a police officer from the 7th BPM and was referred to the Niterói Homicide Police Station.

Woman dies shot in fight at gas station in RJ;  sister would have fired

Woman dies shot in fight at gas station in RJ; sister would have fired

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