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Spoiler Alert #7 Joaquim will discover David's identity!

Spoiler Alert #7 Joaquim will discover David’s identity!

First, Joaquim will host Rafael at the hotel and promise to help him. Afterwards, he will go to the police station willing to search all the names of the police files, from A to Z.

Joaquim will host the real Rafael in a hotel in ‘Além da Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

“Are you still worried about that Rafael Antunes?”, the delegate will ask.

“This time I want to see all the chips”, he will reply.

And looking at folder by folder, Joaquim will soon arrive at the letter D. When he opens it, he will come across the “Wanted” poster with David’s face. Soon, he will connect the dots that this is the accused of murdering Elisa (Larissa Manoela) and will be overjoyed…

“It’s Raphael! Davi Jardim, Davi Jardim… Where did I hear that name? The goat that killed Elisa! Rafael is the bastard who killed Dorinha’s sister!”, concludes Joaquim, his face lit up by the discovery.

Joaquim will be thrilled to find out that Rafael is David in ‘Beyond Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

And now?! What will become of David’s secret in the hands of Joaquim?! Don’t miss the next chapters of your 6 o’clock soap opera!

04 Jul


Joaquim welcomes Rafael Antunes and is thrilled with the possibility of defeating Davi. Eugênio complains about his marriage to Úrsula to Violeta. Joaquim tells Úrsula about the real Rafael. Iolanda looks for Joaquim’s documents at Augusta’s house. The radio contest begins. Augusta suspects that her house has been invaded and looks for David’s briefcase. Joaquim arrives at the police station. Emília is successful in her radio presentation, and Cipriano criticizes his wife. Davi asks Heloísa to hide the folder with the documents against Joaquim. Constantino presents Valentino’s show. Olivia questions Heloísa about her biological father. Matias runs away with Heloísa’s wedding dress. Valentino gives a warning to Davi, who is apprehensive. Joaquim discovers David’s true identity.

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See when the real Rafael Antunes woke up from his coma:

The real Rafael Antunes awakens from coma

The real Rafael Antunes awakens from coma

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