Body of young woman killed by PM sister is buried in Niterói | Rio de Janeiro

Body of Rhayna Oliveira Mello, 22, is buried at Maruí Cemetery in NiteróiReproduction / Social networks

Published 03/07/2022 13:29 | Updated 03/07/2022 13:32

Rio – The body of 22-year-old Rhayna de Oliveira Mello, shot dead by her military police sister, was buried early this Sunday afternoon at Maruí Cemetery, in Barreto, in Niterói, Rio Metropolitan Region. Friends and family were there to say goodbye to the young woman, who leaves a young son. Police officer Rhillayne de Oliveira de Mello, 23, is being held in the Military Police Prison Unit (UP-PMERJ), in the Fonseca neighborhood of Niterói. She will answer for murder.
Private Rhailayne, on the left, and his sister, Rhayana, on the right - Reproduction/TV Globo
Private Rhaylayne, left, and sister, Rhayana, rightReproduction / TV Globo
In a statement at the Niterói and São Gonçalo Homicide Police Station (DHNSG), the police officer expressed regret for the crime: “I want my sister back”, she shouted.

Young man published the day before he died

The sisters were returning from a bar at dawn on Saturday (3) and, according to witnesses, they argued a lot on the way to a gas station in the Camarão neighborhood, in São Gonçalo. On her social network, Rhayna posted a photo in a bar, the day before she died, with the caption: “Shining in life”. In the comments, friends mourned her death: “Too sad when she was young, she left a little one. What sister is this? Nowadays there is no love for some people”; “I still can’t believe it!”

DHNSG is looking for security camera footage that can help clarify the motive for the crime. Witnesses were also heard and the PM’s weapon was seized by the corporation’s Internal Affairs. Rhillayne is crowded at the 7th BPM (São Gonçalo).

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