Brasília will have 5G from Wednesday and will be the first city in the country with the technology, says Anatel advisor | Economy

The fifth generation of mobile internet — 5G — will be activated in Brasília next Wednesday (6), he said this Monday (4) to the g1 the counselor of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), Moisés Moreira.

With this, the federal capital will be the first city in the country to have the technology.

Moreira presides over and coordinates Gaispi, a group created by Anatel to take care of the implementation of 5G internet in the country in the 3.5 gigahertz range, the main auction in November last year. The operators that won the auction and the Ministry of Communications also make up the group.

Brasília will be the first city in the country to receive 5G technology

Brasília will be the first city in the country to receive 5G technology

According to the adviser, Gaispi will have an extraordinary meeting this Monday (4th), at 5 pm, and the agenda will include the release for activation of the 5G signal in Brasília.

“Today [segunda-feira] there will be an extraordinary meeting of Gaispi, at 5 pm, and on the agenda is the activation of 5G in Brasília for the 6th now, Wednesday”, said Moreira.

“The EAF [entidade administradora de faixa] deployed all the necessary filters, did tests all weekend, everything is fine. It will be approved, there is no reason not to approve it,” he added.

Initially, all capitals were supposed to have 5G working until July 31, but due to logistical difficulties in importing equipment, the deadline was extended until September 29.

Brasília, however, required a smaller amount of equipment compared to other cities.

Moreira said that Siga Antenado, an entity created by operators Claro, TIM and Vivo, winners of the 3.5GHz band in the 5G auction, has already successfully completed the necessary steps to release 5G in the federal capital, including the installation of filters to avoid interference.

Siga Antenado started work in June and concluded in early July, informed Moreira. According to him, tests were carried out over the weekend and the technical requirements were met.

In the case of the other capitals, there is still no forecast for the start of work on the so-called “cleaning” of the 3.5 GHz band, through which the standalone (pure) 5G signal will be offered. The 5G offered today by some operators uses 4G frequencies and 5G antennas, that is, it is not pure 5G, which will first be activated in Brasília.

Currently, part of the 3.5 gigahertz (GHz) band is also used to transmit the satellite TV signal. In order to avoid interference, the signal will be transferred to another band, which requires the installation of protection filters and the distribution of kits to receive the new signal from satellite TVs to the population that is entitled.

According to the schedule approved by Anatel, the release of the 3.5 GHz band for 5G in capitals should happen by the end of August, and the technology needs to be activated by September 29. For the other cities in the country, the schedule runs until 2029.

Siga Antenado is responsible for installing the filters and distributing the kits, with funds raised by the telephone operators themselves.

The distribution of the kits in the federal capital will continue, since the conclusion was not a mandatory step for the activation of the signal.

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