Brazilian goes viral in an interview at the airport: ‘T arrested, without pooping’ – Nacional

Brazilian TV interview in Portugal
Brazilian went viral on social media with comments about flight delays (photo: reproduction)

Brazilian comedian and businessman Abdis Melo gained repercussion on social media after an interview at Lisbon airport in which he complained about the delay in flights.

When asked by the journalist of the Portuguese broadcaster ‘RTP’ about his situation, the comedian said he had been wearing the same underwear for six days and needed to poop.
“I didn’t take a shower, it stinks. It’s absurd. My armpit stinks. And they don’t do anything. They just say, ‘let’s solve it.’ I’m stuck, without pooping.” Strikes by employees of several airlines delayed several flights in Europe over the weekend. After the inconvenience, Abdis managed to board back to Brazil this Sunday (3/7).

Loss of BRL 100 thousand

Abdis Melo known on social media. On Instagram, he has 1.2 million followers. On TikTok, there are more than 700,000. He is part of the team of also comedian Carlinhos Maia.

Melo revealed that Splash, from UOL, was harmed by the flight delay. “I’ve already missed events and VIP presence in Brazil, I’ve missed advertisements. The loss of more than R$ 100 thousand”.

The businessman stayed in Europe for a month looking for talent. “I traveled on the 1st of June. I spent ten days in Paris, ten days in Germany and ten days in Bordeaux. I would return to Brazil with a connection in Portugal”.

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