businesswoman was godmother to Sandy’s son Theo

Patricia Kisser, a businesswoman and producer who died today at age 52, was a good friend of Sandy and the singer’s entire family. Andreas Kisser’s wife was even godmother to Theo, the only child of Sandy and Lucas Lima, and both were called comadres.

On January 28, Sandy’s 39th birthday, Pat Kisser posted a tribute to the singer, as he did every year. “Cumadi, today is your day and I can only think of thanking you for everything you dedicate to me. May all the love you donate return you in more love, light, peace and health. Thank you for everything and of course, may it be a mega happy birthday! I love you,” he wrote.

Very shaken, Sandy has not yet officially commented on the death, but posted a black screen on Instagram stories, a symbol of mourning. Patricia Kisser was battling cancer and both Sandy and Junior even asked their fans for blood donations for their family friend.

In the farewell text for his wife, the widower Andreas Kisser also mentioned the duo Chitãozinho and Xororó, formed by the uncle and father of Sandy and Junior.

“You liked Chitãozinho and Xororó and you didn’t even know what Led Zeppelin was and that brought us together even more, our differences were the best fittings for building a solid and long-lasting structure.”

In one of the public tributes he paid to Sandy, Pat Kisser mentioned Xororó and Noely. “Noely and Xororó, I’ll never get tired of congratulating you for the parents you are. I love you!”

mourning - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Mourning the death of Patricia Kisser, Sandy posts black screen on Instagram stories

Image: Playback/Instagram

In an interview with UOL, in 2016, Sandy said that her son was a metalhead and loved to imitate the “big boy” Andreas Kisser. The singer also said that Theo, then 2 years old, preferred to hear the song “Territory”, by Sepultura, to his mother’s hits and even Galinha Pintadinha.

Another curious story happened in 2019. Amid the dispute over tickets for Sandy and Junior’s commemorative tour, Pat Kisser got in line online to buy and even argued with fans of the duo on the internet who were complaining about not getting tickets. She said that she too had run out of tickets, even though she was Theo’s godmother.

Before sales opened, Pat Kisser wrote about concert anticipation:

pat sandy - Playback/Instagram - Playback/Instagram

Sandy and Patricia Kisser were very good friends

Image: Playback/Instagram

“Less than 3 hours to go… I would like to record that I’m here, sitting, not anxious, ready to buy our tickets, because YES, when we really want to go to a show, we buy tickets. wrong (to run out) and I know that you hired a nanny to take care of Theo, we will have a very serious family talk! Thank you for your attention Dona Cumadi, Sandy.”

Patricia Kisser was 52 years old and leaves her husband, Andreas Kisser, and children Giulia, Yohan and Enzo, aged 27, 25 and 17. She and the guitarist had been together for 32 years and married for 27 years.

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