cheaper electric bill? See pocket impact

The privatization of Eletrobras has divided opinions, because while some argue that it was a good choice, after all, this should reduce the values ​​of the energy bill in the coming months, others are protesting and claiming that privatization is not beneficial at all for the country.

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But regardless of the differing political opinions, the truth is that privatization will decrease electricity bills in the coming months, yes, by around 2.3%. Therefore, a family that paid about R$ 250.00 per month in electricity bills will pay about R$ 244.

The reduction may seem small at first, but it is worth mentioning that the privatization process will help a lot in other situations as well.

A portion of our energy bill today is related to the “risk of running out of water”, since much of our energy comes from hydroelectric plants; however, after privatization, this risk belongs to the company, so this charge will no longer exist.

Of course, not everything is flowers! If in the first few years there is a downward trend, we already need to prepare for a possible future increase in energy bills, especially from the year 2026, since the contract foresees an investment in gas-fired thermoelectric plants so that they can produce about eight thousand megawatts.

These plants, despite being more sustainable as they do not impact the environment so much, they are much more expensive, which could end up making the energy bill more expensive in the future.

Eletrobras employees bought shares

As with Petrobras and Vale, Eletrobras employees were able to invest part of their FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) in the purchase of shares in Eletrobras and leave with an investment in this privatization.

They were able to choose how much of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) would be allocated, with the maximum that could be spent was 50% and the minimum amount invested was R$200.

Furthermore, before doing investmentit was verified that the worker did not have any other investment of the same nature, because if that were the case, he could not make the purchase of these shares.

Their value was R$ 42. Employees will be able to withdraw after 12 months of investment.

Impact of the electricity bill on the pocket of Brazilians

The reduction in the values ​​of the electricity bill is more than necessary, since this year alone we had an increase of about 10% in the value, which is above inflation.

The total number always weighs in the pocket, especially for the low-income population, since the amount can compromise up to 10% of the income of those who earn up to two minimum wages, which is a lot.

Economists indicate that about 50% of the salary amount is used for essential bills: housing, electricity, market and others, but with the electricity bill guaranteeing about 10% of the salary, this is practically impossible to follow to the letter.

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