Claudia Raia reveals Ingrid Guimarães’ requirement for her birthday party

Claudia Raia was present at Ingrid Guimarães' party

Claudia Raia was present at Ingrid Guimarães’ party

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Claudia Raia

Divided between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro because of work, Ingrid Guimarães decided to anticipate the celebration of her 50 years and gathered friends and family last Saturday. The comedian has a birthday this Tuesday. The requirement for celebration was to wear lilac and purple.

The birthday girl’s special request was revealed by Claudia Raia. In a conversation with followers on social networks, the actress said that she had difficulty finding a look that met Ingrid’s desire.

“I want to share something with you, because my friend Ingrid Guimarães is passionate about the color lilac, the color purple. And everyone is going crazy in São Paulo, in all the capitals of this country, looking for a purple outfit. So, I wanted to tell you, Ingrid, it’s ok, it’s your birthday, it’s 50 years, we love you, but you were a lot of work, okay, friend? That’s all I wanted to point out”, said the artist with a laugh.

Angélica, Luciano Huck, Heloisa Perisse, Ju Amaral, Giovanna Antonelli, Carolina Dieckman and Tiago Abravanel were some of the celebrities present at the party in Rio.

Currently, Ingrid is spending the week in São Paulo where she records the reality show ‘Match in the Stars’, which promises to unite couples through the combination of zodiac signs. It is the actress’s first work for Amazon Prime Video.

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