Clima closes between RedeTV presenters! and hate is wide open

Clima closes between RedeTV presenters!

The atmosphere behind the scenes of the morning Bom Dia Você from RedeTV! It couldn’t be more chaotic. Presenters Eri Johnson and Alinne Prado, both former Globo contractors, simply broke off their friendship and now they can’t even stand each other anymore.

According to the report, the friendship went to space because of temperament and posture. But, those who watch the program, don’t notice any difference, since they act naturally. But once the show goes off the air, they don’t even look each other in the eye.

According to columnist Ricardo Feltrin, from UOL Splash, Alinne is more focused at work and prepares for the topics before going on the air. While Johnson enters to comment and always makes jokes on RedeTV!. In this, the atmosphere soured when the comedian began to send the themes that would be shown.

Over the course of the program’s presentation, Ei Johnson was uncomfortable with some topics, just because he didn’t agree. Outside when he starts a random staff without even being in the script. In terms of audience, the program scores almost zero. The only relevant program on RedeTV! is that of Sonia Abram.

RedeTV presenters!  ugly brgam (Photo: Reproduction)
RedeTV presenters! ugly brgam (Photo: Reproduction)


Edilson Capetinha, fired from the Band, announced live on his instagram, that he is back on television to comment on the sports world, this time, he returns to RedeTV for ‘Galera Esporte Clube’.

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The five-time world champion was fired from the Band and speculations about a disagreement with Neto were published on several portals.

This time Edilson will change the area a little and work with Fernanda Keulla and André Vasco, the attraction shown on Mondays at 10:30 pm will be a space for interaction with the public about the universe of sport and the passion of fans for their clubs decoration.

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