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O Diabetes Conversation Map is one of the educational groups that make up Unimed Saúde, a service provided by Unimed Londrina that seeks to encourage healthy habits and prevent the spread of chronic diseases, and which completes 20 years of history in 2022. Learn more about the service by clicking here.

Group participants talk about topics such as the functioning of the body with diabetes, oral medications and glycemic self-monitoring, foot care, the importance of food groups and foods that contribute to glycemic control.

The strategy was created by the International Diabetes Federation. The development takes place from a playful presentation and works as a stimulus for a group of people to evoke experiences and exchange experiences with each other.

The educational tools addressed facilitate learning and reinforce the importance of behavior changes, of taking responsibility and of establishing a goal as a means of improving results.

The main objective of the group is to make people with diabetes review concepts applied to the disease in a broad way and acquire the maturity provided by the exchange of experiences, with the guidance of professionals, understanding how the disease acts on the human body and how it is possible to control it. -there.

The group is aimed at Unimed Londrina customers diagnosed with pre-diabetes and type I and type II diabetes.

Do you want to know more about the monitoring of chronic diseases, offered by Unimed Saúde? Click here.

In the months of June and July, the Health Calendar of Unimed Londrina is addressing the topic of healthy eating. Click here and learn more.

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