Corinthians U-20 goalscorer scores again and team beats Fluminense in Fazendinha

Corinthians Sub-20 once again counted on the goalscoring ability of striker Arthur Souza to score its third consecutive victory in the Brazilian Championship of the category. It was his only goal from 1 to 0 over Fluminense, this Sunday afternoon, at Parque São Jorge.

The alvinegro goal was five minutes into the second half and his seventh in the last three games. The player had already scored two goals against Internacional and another four against Atlético-GO.

With the result, the team, despite being very deprived by the athletes assigned to the professional cast, reaches three victories in four games and occupies the second place in Group B of the competition. The leader is Vasco, with one more point.

Write it down, Faithful! Timãozinho’s next appointment is now on Saturday, July 9, at 3 pm (Brasilia time). The team will visit Grêmio away from home for the fifth round of the competition.


Coach Danilo could not count on some players who reinforced Corinthians’ main team this Saturday. Léo Mana, Robert Renan, Breno Bidon – who would already be suspended -, Felipe Augusto, Guilherme Biro, Matheus Araújo, Wesley and Giovane were at Maracanã and are not an option for the U-20.

With that, the tendency is for the team to go to the field with Kaue; Cauan, João Pedro, Murillo and Vitor Meer; Zé Vitor, Ryan and Kayke; Pedrinho, Léo Agostinho and Arthur Sousa.


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The game

First time

Timão started the match mainly betting on Arthur Sousa’s physical strength to win aerial duels and let the team leave the defense field. On the other side, Fluminense tried to stop the alvinegras exits from the sides and attack mainly from the right of the attack.

With just one minute in, Cauan took a risk from afar and shot wide of the post. The Cariocas escaped on two occasions with the ball, but were not able to finish with danger to Kaue’s goal.

Corinthians’ best chances were in the 36th minute of the ball rolling. After tackling in midfield, Pedrinho managed the ball for about 30m and, even with the option of playing for Arthur Sousa or Kayke, he preferred the direct kick. The ball deflected in the defense and ended up leaving the baseline.

In the hit from the right side, Pedrinho crossed the first post, Arthur climbed higher than the defense and deflected. Ryan appeared free at the far post, but ended up passing a bit of the ball. He managed to head the ball, albeit awkwardly, but the round left without direction and went over the goal.

Timão continued betting on a quick transition to catch the opposing defense off guard, but lost some power as the minutes passed and the strong heat that was in São Paulo. Léo Agostinho, the fastest of the attack, still felt a physical problem and was substituted. The score went to halftime with no change.

Second time

It was enough to start the final stage for Timão to show a more offensive impetus. Instead of just scoring in midfield, the club advanced the lines and soon gave Arthur Souza a one-on-one ball. Unfortunately for the centre-forward, however, the defense came back quickly and he only managed a corner.

In the next move, however, Juninho started the move from the right side and activated Kayke. The midfielder tried to score with Pedrinho, but the defense pushed him away on the first attempt. The ball returned to the point guard, who found Pedrinho at the penalty spot. The 10 rolled sideways to Arthur, who cut to his left foot and shot to make 1 to 0.

Corinthian’s good moment, however, did not produce much more danger. The scenario got worse when Arthur asked for replacement for having felt pain in the posterior muscle of the right thigh, taking away from Timão his reference in attack.

Shortly after, Danilo also lost Zé Vitor, another who complained of muscle pain. The coach, then, decided to send Renato, Mindinho and Riquelme to the field at once, trying to give more physical strength to the team.

Corinthians 1 x 0 Fluminense technical file

Competition: Brazilian Under-20 Championship
Place: Alfredo Schrig Stadium, So Paulo, SP
Date: July 3, 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 16:00 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Fabiano Monteiro dos Santos
Assistants: Veridiana Cantiliani and Leandra Aires
Goal: Arthur Sousa (Corinthians)
Yellow cards: Cauan da Mata, Pedrinho and Riquelme (Corinthians)

CORINTHIANS: Kau; Cauan da Mata (Renato Santos), Joo Pedro, Murillo and Vitor Meer; Z Vitor (Riquelme), Ryan and Kayke Ferrari (Littlefinger); Pedrinho, Leo Agostinho (Juninho) and Arthur Sousa (Thalisson).
Technician: Danilo

FLUMINENSE: Cayo Fellipe; Erick, Felipe, Damaceno and Jeft; Alexsander, Abner (Isac), Arthur, Antony Kennedy (Guilherme) and Mateus Alves (Rafael Monteiro) (Gustavo); Miguel Vincius.
Technician: Guilherme Torres

See more at: Corinthians Sub-20.

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