“Dance of the Famous” champion, Vitória Strada kisses Marcella Rica live in celebration

Vitória Strada and Marcella Rica kissed at the

Vitória Strada and Marcella Rica kissed on “Domingão” (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

Vitória Strada and Marcella Rica celebrated the result of the “Famous dance” this Sunday (3) with a passionate kiss on Luciano Huck’s stage. The moment was celebrated on social media and was among the most talked about topics this Monday (4).

Excited, Vitória stated that the bride was hoping the competition would end soon. “She can’t stand me anymore. I only talked about ‘Dance of the Famous’. She needed an ending, she needed it”, said the actress, who then kissed her girlfriend.

Luciano Huck invited Vitória to give a speech as a champion and when he noticed that the artist didn’t know what to say, he took advantage of the moment to praise her.

“You are a very delicate girl, very polite, very elegant, very capricious. You make a beautiful couple. I am very happy to see this kiss, this celebration of you here. This is what the world is about. It’s about diversity, acceptance, the people to be happy. I’m very happy with your victory and everything it symbolizes in this strange world”, he said.

Strada thanked the artist for the words and ended his participation in “Dança” talking about love: “The message that remains is that love is the most beautiful feeling in the world in all its forms. It does good for the world. people need to celebrate every time love happens. Love each other and don’t criticize the way the other loves because no one is hurting anyone. As long as everyone is in love, we have nothing to worry about. The problem is when we’re not in love,” he argued.

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