Electricity bill will be 12% more expensive: see tips to save

Residents of the state of São Paulo will have an average readjustment of 12% in their electricity bill. The announcement was made by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) and will take effect on July 4th. With the increase, 24 municipalities in Enel Distribuição’s concession area will have their electricity bill readjusted.

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As announced by Aneel, the increase will be 18.03% for the high voltage network, such as industries and large commerce, while it will be 10.15% for low voltage, that is, for – mostly – customers residential.

Adjustment of the electricity bill

The reasons for the readjustment in the electricity bill are, according to Aneel, inflation and sector charges. The increase is also a reflection of spending on the purchase of electricity during the water shortage crisis last year.

The average increase of 12% could be higher and reach almost 28%. Despite this, according to Enel, there was an effort by the government and the company to hold the highest reset.

Aneel also approved the readjustment of the tariff flags. In cases of water scarcity, with the flag at the most expensive level, increases can reach 63.7%.

Despite the announcement of the change in the electricity bill, the forecast is that the increase will not be felt by consumers now in the month of July. The reason is that the tariff flag in force is green. Therefore, there will be no additional charges for the time being.

It’s still important save money to alleviate family spending. So here are some tips:

  • Reduce energy consumption between 2pm and 7pm;
  • Shorten the duration of the baths;
  • Leave the shower in the “warm” or “summer” position, so the energy savings can be up to 30%;
  • Avoid opening and closing the refrigerator unnecessarily. It alone represents on average 25% of the electricity bill;
  • When washing clothes, gather as many items as possible.

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