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The actress and presenter Fernanda Lima declined a deal proposed by the singer Eduardo Costa to put an end to defamation action that the famous moves against him.

According to information published by column by Ancelmo Gois, on the portal “O Globo”, the artist offered a deal of R$ 10 thousand. The fine imposed, however, is 26 minimum wages, equivalent to R$ 31,512.

Fernanda Lima’s defense did not like the proposal and rejected it, saying that the offer “cannot be taken seriously”.

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remember the case

Eduardo Costa was convicted by the Justice of Rio de Janeiro for the crime of defamation for offending Fernanda Lima in 2018.

It all started with a speech by Fernanda about the struggle of women to free themselves from stereotypes in the opening of an episode of the extinct program “Amor e Sexo”, on TV Globo. The speech had the support of several artists, but it displeased Eduardo.

The sertanejo, then, wrote on his social networks that Fernanda was “imbecile” and that he presented “a program for potheads and bandits”.

“More than 60 million Brazilians voted for Jair Bolsonaro and now this imbecile comes with this leftist speech. You can be sure of one thing, the mamata will end, the rope always breaks to the weakest side and the weakest side today is what she is. Do you only make programs for bandits, for potheads, for defeated leftists, and for these projects by artists like her? Bolsonaro is not alone, the people are with him, and you can be sure, Brazil will sabotage you, God willing. Sérgio Moro will start helping to sabotage, you can wait lol. And I’ve said it,” he said at the time.

In her decision, Judge Maria Tereza Donatti said she considered the consequences of the crime to be “very serious”, as it generated hate attacks and threats against Fernanda Lima and her family.


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