Fired from Globo, André Marques breaks protocol in farewell

Globo did not renew André Marques’ contract.

Taking advantage of the complete overhaul that is taking place in the morning schedule of Globewith change of presenters and changes in schedules, André Marques ended up being included in the cuts and did not have a renewed contract with the carioca broadcaster.

The host André Marques made an outburst in his farewell to the Globe last Saturday (02). he left the it’s from home and lost its exclusive contract with the carioca broadcaster, after almost three decades.

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at the end of the it’s from homethe presenter broke protocol and vented. “They are the paths of life and we cheer, we are proud. We have already entered projects that other people started and then left. Some arriving, others leaving”started André Marques citing the change in the morning show team.

The famous then, very emotional, confirmed to the public that he is leaving the Globe after 28 years. “And I already communicated on social media that today is my last É de Casa. A lot of people don’t know and I’m communicating here now, that it’s also my last day here at Globo. We had a meeting, it was a mutual agreement. We have a love story of almost 30 years and we decided to end our marriage on paper”, declared the artist.

André Marques also left the doors open at the station, warning that he can eventually do other projects in the house and made it clear that his feeling is of accomplishment.

“All that I’ve conquered remains, the friends you say. My story, what I did together with Globo, no one will erase“, concluded André Marques in his farewell to the carioca broadcaster.


With this strategic shift in GlobeO it’s from home turned into a mess when bringing together on stage the presenters who will take over the attraction starting next weekend.

Tiago Oliveira, Maria Beltrao and Rita Batista entered causing and provoked a real confusion next to Talitha Morete, Tati Machado, André Marques, Patrícia Poeta and Ana Furtado.

“I want to play my horn. I’m very nervous, anxious… it’s a preview”, said Maria Beltrãowho now becomes the program’s commander.

Maria Beltrão reveals her dream of participating in Globo's year-end vignette, Photo: Reproduction/Internet
André Marques leaves É de Casa and Maria Beltrão enters the Globo program (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)

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