Gasoline price already appears below R$ 6 on the coast of SC

After the government of the state of Santa Catarina announced the reduction of the ICMS rate for gasoline, the reflexes are already observed on the coast of Santa Catarina this Monday, 4th. In Porto Belo and Itapema, for example, the price of regular gasoline is of R$5.87, down from R$6 after months in this price range.

In Blumenau, for now, this reduction has not impacted the gas pumps, at least this Monday. The prices found in the totems are the same as in recent weeks, between R$ 6.37 and R$ 6.89.

ICMS reduction

The governor of Santa Catarina, Carlos Moisés, signed last Friday, 1, a provisional measure with immediate effect that reduces to 17% the ICMS rate for electricity, gasoline, fuel alcohol and communications.

In the case of fuels, Santa Catarina kept the calculation base frozen since October 2021, even with price increases.

In the case of gasoline, for example, the amount charged in practice for ICMS was approximately 18%. This Friday, in addition to reducing the rate, the calculation base was also updated.

“We have the lowest tax rates in the country and now we are reducing it even further to help control inflation,” the governor wrote on Twitter.

This reduction was possible due to a federal government initiative. On June 13, the Senate approved the Complementary Bill (PLP) 18/2022, which limits the application of the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) on fuels, natural gas, electricity, communications and public transport. .

Also on June 6, Jair Bolsonaro announced a new measure to reduce fuel prices. Accompanied by the bill recently approved by the Chamber of Deputies that establishes a maximum text for the ICMS on fuels, the president offered to reimburse state governments for the losses if the diesel rate is zeroed.

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