Government of Piauí changes ICMS calculation base to reduce impact on fuels

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The State Department of Finance (Sefaz) announced changes in the calculation basis of the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) on gasoline and diesel oil sold in Piauí. The objective is to make it possible to reduce the price of both fuels to the final consumer. The changes took effect on the 1st of July.

According to Sefaz, the basis for calculating the ICMS on Gasoline was reduced by 23%, with the reduction of the Weighted Average Final Price (PMPF), which serves as the basis for charging, from R$6.49 to R$4 .94 per litre.

With the change, the ICMS on gasoline is now R$ 1.53 per liter, which represents an effective ICMS rate of 19.5% on the current price, which is R$ 7.85/liter in the Piauí, according to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP).

The Government of Piauí also announced the reduction of more than 15% of the ICMS calculation base on Diesel Oil.

The Final Weighted Average Price (PMPF), which serves as the basis for calculating the ICMS on Diesel, was reduced from R$ 4.85 to R$ 4.09, per liter.

This means that ICMS is R$ 0.73, per liter, which represents an effective ICMS rate of 9.5% on the current price of diesel, which is R$ 7.75, per liter, according to the value average calculated by the ANP.

With the changes, the expectation is that there will be a reduction in the price charged to consumers, but the Secretary of Finance, Antônio Luis Soares, explains that the definition will be up to the gas stations.

“On the price at the pump, it is up to the gas station owners to decide, in accordance with Petrobras’ pricing policy. The state does not interfere in the management of the formation of prices for any commodity. Some believe that there may be some reduction in prices, and others believe that this reduction will only be momentary. Let’s wait and see what happens”, he explained.

ICMS ceiling

Regarding the adequacy of the 17% ceiling for charging ICMS on fuel, a measure approved by Congress and sanctioned by President Jair Bolsonaro, the Secretary of Finance explains that Piauí will still await the result of the analysis by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) , which will define whether the measure is constitutional or not.

“With regard to changing Piauí’s domestic legislation, we are awaiting decisions from the STF. Only after we know what the STF will decide, perhaps in the next five days, will we be able to take the next step. Today, the state of Piauí has ​​already lowered the ICMS, since last year, and now in July it lowered much more, and we are already complying with the effective rates of 18% for gasoline and less than 9.5% for diesel” , said the secretary.

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