Hamilton praises Leclerc and takes the opportunity to stab Verstappen

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Lewis Hamilton believe that the Ferrari was “too fast” for him to think realistically about winning the British GP formula 1, despite appearing to be in search of victory. the pilot of mercedes made the most of a W13 upgraded to challenge the Scuderia for victory at Silverstone and eventually come home on the podium in third. The seven-time champion managed to overcome Charles Leclercpraising the battle with the Monegasque and ‘needling’ Max verstappen.

Carlos Sainz held onto the lead to claim his first F1 victory, and the Briton still trailed behind. Sergio Perezgives Red bull – who took full advantage of the speed advantage on the straights. According to Hamilton, the disputes were clean, especially in the Copse corner, something “very different from 2021”.

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“I gave it my all today,” Lewis said after the race. “I was trying to chase those Ferraris, but congratulations to Carlos. They were too fast today for us. In the end, I got into this battle with Checo. [Perez].”

“Those guys were really quick on the straights for me today, but I’m really, really grateful for the hard work the whole team did to get an update here. We’ve taken a step closer to them. Gotta keep pushing.”

About the fight with Leclerc, Hamilton said: “Great fight, [ele é] a very sensible pilot, clearly very different from what I experienced last year. At Copse, for example, we both went through it without any problem.” The corner the seven-time champion is referring to is the same one where he collided with Verstappen in 2021, in an accident that took the Dutchman out of the race and took him to hospital.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13

Photo by: Glenn Dunbar / Motorsport Images

Hamilton also reiterated that he did his best to take the fight to Ferrari in the end, but believes Red Bull’s top speed advantage, which has been a feature all season, was the trigger for him to lose to Perez.

“I was chasing and chasing and chasing, and the pace was great on both sets of tyres,” he recalled. “Even so, in the end it was a little difficult. Once you have a Red Bull behind you, they are very fast on the straights. So we have some improvements to make.”

“It’s a prize for us to be on the podium. I’m happy that everyone got out of the big accident at the beginning of the day,” he reiterated, recalling the Zhoy Guanyu accident, where the Chinese man flipped and dragged his car upside down through the exhaust area. of the first turns, ‘jumping’ the protection wall and stopping at the railing.

Lewis added: “We’re going to keep pushing. We’re going to keep trying to be the best we can.”

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