Is it really worth traveling to be humiliated in Argentina, Timão? – 07/04/2022

Today, July 4th, is a very special day for Fiel Torcida.

After all, Timão celebrates this Monday 10 years of its first and only Libertadores de América, won against the mighty Boca Juniors.

Yes, my friends, but look how the world of the ball goes round and, in a decade later, a lot has changed.

At that time, Corinthians was the main team in Brazil and every player wanted to wear the shirt of the Parque São Jorge club.

But today, Alvinegro from São Paulo has become a mere supporting player in the Brazilian and South American football scene.

Timão no longer scares anyone, at home or abroad.

It’s a very short cast that mixes established names in football, but they are already very veterans, and boys who are not yet mature enough to take on so much responsibility.

And the result is there: with half a group injured, Alvinegro almost didn’t have 11 to play against Fluminense (they ended up thrashed by 4 to 0) and the same should happen for the duel against Boca Juniors, next Tuesday ( 5).

Therefore, whoever warns friend is: Timão, don’t even travel to Argentina!

Not worth it!

Save on airfare, hotel, transfers, meals in foreign currency and save your already tired players.

Because, at Bombonera, the most feared stadium in the world, Alvinegro has everything to take a resounding rout and be even more psychologically shaken.

Is not true?


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