Jet truck explodes at US event, one person dies

Jet truck explodes at event in US and one person dies. Image: Reproduction.

Last Saturday (2), a “race” between a truck and two planes resulted in the death of a man, Chris Darnell, who was the one who piloted the jet truck, during an air show in Battle Creek, Michigan, in the United States. . The means of transport were at a speed of about 480 km/h.

The truck “exploded” after the driver lost control of the vehicle while maneuvering, resulting in it tipping over and catching fire. a spectator recorded the scene on a video. The accident is being investigated.

”Man dies after jet truck explodes at event in US Accident was reportedly caused by a mechanical failure in the vehicle. Authorities are investigating the case,” published Metrópoles.

Chris’ family is known for participating in air shows in the country. The deceased’s father posted a statement on a Facebook page.

“Just a month ago Chris turned 40. He was much loved by everyone who knew him. Chris loved the air show business. He was ‘living the dream’ as he said,” he expressed.

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