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Who should take care of the health and heritage of one of the richest women in Brazil? Anita Harley, the largest shareholder in the retail chain Pernambucanas, has been in a coma for six years, has no biological children and is the center of a troubled legal dispute. A recent decision recognized as her socio-affective son a man who could become the sole heir of a fortune valued at R$2 billion, but Anita’s relatives and friends say it is a scam.

Vital signs are there, but consciousness is not. Coma is a state of unresponsiveness. This is how businesswoman Anita Harley lives today. This report is a search for answers about her affective life.

Anita has 48% of the shares in the group that controls the Pernambucanas retail network. The company has 470 stores in 15 states, with 16 thousand employees.

Who should take care of the businesswoman? It is up to the Court to decide. On one side is Cristine Rodrigues, advisor to the company’s presidency, who was responsible for Anita’s health for decades. On the other, Sônia Aparecida Soares, an employee of Anita, who lived with her for 20 years and claims to be her wife, and also Arthur Miceli, Sônia’s biological son.

Watch the journalistic investigation into the legal dispute in the video above.

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