Leonardo exposes cancer discovery, tells his family and cries: “It hurts”

According to the singer, he broke the news to his family about his brother’s cancer

In the mid-nineties, Leandro and Leonardo released countless hits and became one of the biggest country duos. But the late discovery of cancer in one of them put an end to the partner.

In short, in 1998, Leandro discovered Askin’s tumorlocated in his right lung, and died in the same year.

While Brazil lost one of its greatest musicians, the singer dealt with the absence of his brother, best friend and duo partner.

24 years after Leandro’s death, Leonardo confesses that he doesn’t miss a day when he doesn’t miss his brother.

Recently, the husband of poliana Rock told how he received the news of his brother’s cancer during the PodCats, from Virginia Fonseca and Camilla Loures.

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According to Leonard, everything happened on the day of the birth of his son, Zé Felipe, fruit of the relationship with Poliana.

“When Leandro got sick, when I found out about Leandro’s illness, it was the day Zé was born”, said Leonardo, who confessed How he found out about his brother’s diagnosis:

“It was Leandro, he said: ‘Leonardo, I’m going to ruin your party, you’re drinking a cold beer, but you’ll have to leave because your son will be born at 5 am”, said the singer.

In the sequence, the husband of Poliana Rocha confirmed that he broke the news to the rest of his family.

“I had to break the news to my mother that she had a wonderful grandson. But that we were going to lose a brother”, said the singer with tears in his eyes.


Leandro was diagnosed with a lung tumor, which turned into cancer and spread to the chest, reaching other organs. Two months after the discovery, he died.


On June 23, Leonardo mourned the 24th anniversary of his brother’s death. On social media, the two appeared smiling.

“24 years of missing my brother #Leandro!! There isn’t a single day that I don’t think about you. I love you ❤️!! I miss you It hurts !” said the singer.

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