Luciano shines and leads São Paulo’s victory over Atlético-GO for the Brasileirão

São Paulo beat Atlético-GO 2-1 this Sunday afternoon (3) at the Antônio Accioly stadium, and won their first positive result away from home in Brazilian championship.

ACTIONS: Luciano makes two and is the highlight of São Paulo’s victory

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With two goals from Luciano, and one from Marlon Freitas for the home team, Tricolor paulista got the three points and touched the G6, being seven points from the lead. Dragon, on the other hand, remains with 17, in 17th place.

The match starts warm at Antônio Accioly

The start of the confrontation between the two teams started drowsy. In the first fifteen minutes of play, no great chances had been created by either team.

Atlético-GO was content with a simple exchange of passes in the midfield, without being able to evolve into more offensive actions. The São Paulo Tricolor, in turn, risked some more dangerous moves, but without success.

In the 18th minute, Marlon Freitas tried a weak shot from outside the area.

In a more intense arrival, Luciano gives his name, but Dragão soon equalizes

If the first moments didn’t promise emotions, the situation turned out to be a little different as the match progressed. At 21′, Patrick received a pass from Welington which he hit hard. Baralhas, in an attempt to defend himself, stretched out his arm and touched the ball. With that, referee Wagner do Nascimento Magalhães scored the maximum penalty. Luciano was responsible for the collection and opened the scoring for São Paulo.

It didn’t take long for Atlético-GO to equalize, after a sequence of confusing events with the referee. In the 26th minute, Ramon Menezes crossed to the area and, after a deflection, the ball went to the goal, however, the referee whistled a penalty before the ball entered.

Thus, Marlon’s goal was not valid and the penalty was charged. Dragon’s number 8 was responsible and tied the match.

This sequence of events resulted in a goal for the Goiás team and two cards for Tricolor: Calleri and Diego Costa. The defender, in turn, was hanging and will now have to serve suspension in the next round of the Brazilian, against Atlético-MG.

In the 45th minute of the first stage, the red-black from Goiás tried to increase the score. Shaylon hit a cross, threatening Jandrei’s goal, but the ball went over the back line.

The first half at Antônio Accioly Stadium ended 1-1, despite attempts by the home team to turn the score around.


Luciano was the name of the victory (Photo: Rubens Chiri/

Second half returns with an intense rhythm and Luciano stamps another

The two teams started the final stage with the same objective: to increase the score and leave with the three points. At seven minutes of the second half, São Paulo created a good opportunity. After a free kick by Nestor, Léo took a risk, but the ball stopped in the defense of goalkeeper Ronaldo.

A few minutes later, Luciano startled the rest of the cast when he felt his knee and fell on the lawn. That didn’t stop him from recovering and hitting the net once again. The player would be substituted, but insisted on staying on the field.

Nestor sent a ball into the area, which after a deflection, stopped at the feet of shirt 11 – who played straight into the goal and put São Paulo in advantage.

Jorginho’s team tried to react, but all the plays stopped in the São Paulo defense. Airton tried to score after a free kick, but the game was stopped due to being in an irregular position. Dragon continued to press, however, the final stage ended with São Paulo’s advantage.

next games

São Paulo returns to the field on Thursday (7), for the return game for the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana against Universidad Católica, at 9:30 pm, at the Morumbi stadium. Atlético-GO plays on the same day and at the same time, also for Sul-Americana, against Olimpia.

Antonio Accioly Stadium, Goiania, GO
Date/Time: 07/03/2022, at 16:00
Referee: Wagner do Nascimento Magalhães (RJ)
Auxiliaries: Thiago Henrique Neto Correa Farinha (RJ) and Carlos Henrique Alves de Lima Filho (RJ)
VAR: Pathrice Wallace Correa Maia (RJ)
Audience and income: Uninformed.

Yellow cards: Ramon Menezes, Baralhas, Jefferson, Shaylon, Edson (Atlético-GO); Diego Costa, Rodrigo Nestor, Calleri, Welington, Leo, Gabriel (São Paulo)
Red card: –

GOALS: Luciano (penalty) at 23 minutes of Q1 (0-1), Marlon Freitas (penalty) at 27 minutes of Q1 (1-1), Luciano at 16 minutes of Q2 (1-2)

ATHLETIC-GO: Ronaldo; Hayner, Ramon Menezes, Jefferson (Arthur Henrique, 23’/2ºT) Edson, Marlon Freitas, Baralhas (Rickson, 36’/2ºT), Wellington Rato (Edson Fernando, 36’/2ºT), Shaylon; Airton and Churin.
Technician: jorginho

SAO PAULO: Jandrei; Diego Costa, Miranda and Leo; Igor Vinicius, Igor Gomes, Nestor (Pablo Maia, 34´/2ºT), Patrick (Gabriel Neves, 1’/2ºT) and Welington (Reinaldo, 1’/2ºT); Luciano and Calleri (Eder, 51’/2ºT).
Technician: Rogerio Ceni

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