Marcelo Serrado on panic syndrome: ‘Medicated until today’

On the air with the soap opera “Cara e Coragem” (TV Globo), Marcelo Serrado, 55, is still dealing with panic syndrome and its consequences. The diagnosis, which came during the pandemic, and the way he decided to deal with the situation, made the actor even closer to the public.

In an interview with the newspaper O Globo, Serrado said that he still takes medication for the condition and that talking about anxiety on social media has helped him.

“I’m on medication to this day. I felt my hand tingling and my heart racing. I was in a hotel doing a job, the [ator] Eduardo Galvão had died and three days later I had this. He was a guy my age, that set off something in me. I succumbed and said: ‘I’m going to die'”, he recalled.

“I started chatting with hundreds of people who go through this. It started to heal me a little. I felt close to people who think differently from me, but who experience the same thing and identify with”, he added.

He also recalled that even people close to him were shocked to learn that he had panic disorder.

THEPeople said: ‘You are a successful actor, with a nice family, salary, how do you have panic syndrome?’. Nobody chooses, she vomits all over you. It is almost an entity, an abutment.

Currently, Marcelo Serrado is being treated with medications and transcendental meditation. He has also done regression work.

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