Marvel Fans Are Disappointed With the True Cast of Fantastic Four

Marvel Studios is currently developing a new reboot of Fantastic Fourone of the first projects that were speculated shortly after Disney’s purchase of Fox.


The film is in active development, despite having recently lost director Jon Watts. Yes, the same director of the current Spider-Man trilogy, starring Tom Holland, would helm the new movie of the heroes

The director left the command after deciding to step away from hero films a little, and currently Marvel Studios is already looking for a new director for the film that should hit theaters only from 2024.

Recently fans could have the first preview of the group in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhich featured Mister Fantastic being played by John Krasinski, something fans have always wanted to see happen.

The character plays a variant of the character, which is part of the reality where the Illuminati exist. But according to the journalist Grace Randolphyour participation must not extend to the MCU.

According to the journalist, the studio is already looking for actors for the new version of the Fantastic Four, and Marvel no is looking for great actors, who already have their names recognized by the public. Instead, the studio looks for less popular but talented actors.

Fantastic Four should not feature John Krasinski.

So, for fans who expected the return of Joh Krasinski or even Emily Blunt as Invisible Woman, will end up disappointed. The information is in line with what Marvel itself recently suggested, that Krasinski in Doctor Strange 2 was just to fulfill a fan wish.

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Fantastic Four will be a reboot of Marvel Studios, the team’s first film to be produced by the studio. There is no release date yet. The characters have had three film adaptations, two of medium success, and one a failure.

The unanimity is that no film has honored the characters in the way they deserve. Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios is expected to finally get it! Announced in December 2020, director Jon Watts (Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Trilogy) HAS LEFT helm of the film! His replacement has yet to be announced.

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