Marvel prepares new hero to replace Black Panther as protector of Wakanda

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The current comics black Panther are turning the world from T’Challa upside down. After being exiled from his realm and treated like an outcast by the people he swore to defend, the Regent of Wakanda is taking a bit of a back seat as a new figure takes on the role of defender of the nation in the comics.

In Black Panther #7 (via comic book), written by John Ridley and illustrated by Stefano LandiniT’Challa finds himself in a tight spot, after investigating a series of mysterious murders and ending up becoming the #1 suspect investigated by Wakanda’s secret police, the Hatut Zeraze.

But while on the run and looking for a way to clear his own name, T’Challa leaves a power vacuum in the realm, prompting the need for a new hero to defend Wakanda from its enemies. And luckily, there’s a young man named Tosin Oduye that seeks to make a difference.

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In the synopsis released by Marvelwe can read the following: “The Hatut Zeraze have taken control of Wakanda – and with Black Panther branded as a traitor, the nation’s future is in shambles. In order for him to clear his name and protect his people from their mistakes, T’Challa needs to look at his legacy – starting with recognizing that his leadership is only as strong as the faith of those who follow him.”

As far as is known, Tosin Won’t Take on the Mantle of Black Panther Necessarily. He represents new hope for Wakanda, which is now ruined by a military regime and a coup against its greatest leader. And until T’Challa returns to power, Tosin will need to make a difference in his home.

Tosin Oduye, the new hero of Wakanda.

originally featured on Black Panther Vol. 8 #3, Tosin Oduye came from one of the most remote tribes in the kingdom of Wakanda. In their village, the population decided to put aside all the ultra-modern technology made in Wakanda, returning to a more primitive way of life. Tosin grew suspicious of the elders who ruled the kingdom’s government, as well as T’Challa himself, who he did not deem to be a fair leader.

Black Panther #7 hits newsstands in North America on July 6th, with no publication expected in Brazil.

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