Mercedes-Benz C300 shows why sedan is in top shape

Since the mid-1990s, Mercedes-Benz has ventured into various segments. So hatches like the A-Class, minivans like the B-Class and, of course, many SUVs emerged. Even so, one model has remained prestigious since its debut: the C-Class.

The sixth generation of the sedan debuted in January with the promise of being the best in history.


There has never been a C-Class as good as this sixth generation. In addition to having a very attractive design, the sedan exudes technology and safety. To top it off, the mild hybrid set makes consumption very good. However, everything has its price – and, in the case of the C300, it is quite salty. At least those who can pay almost R$ 400 thousand for it will not regret it.

Design and interior space

It is normal for Mercedes-Benz to seek inspiration from top-of-the-range models when designing the C-Class. In the case of this generation, the kinship with the new S-Class did the car a lot of good.

The sporty lines of the AMG Line package gain even more beauty with the Night package, which adds some external details in black. Overall, the sedan was 7 cm longer and 2.5 cm longer in the wheelbase.

On the front, the front grille has a very charming detail: small three-pointed stars form the design of the piece. The headlights are almond-shaped and the bumper has very large air intakes – which refer to the hypersport AMG One. The rear features horizontal lanterns with a very slender shape and which, for the first time, invade the trunk lid.

The cabin impresses with two eye-catching screens: one is 12.3 inches and serves as the instrument panel. The other, 11.8 inches, has a horizontal format and is very reminiscent of a tablet. Navigation is quite intuitive in any of them, although the profusion of buttons on the steering wheel causes some initial confusion.

The driving position is very comfortable, although not sporty like in BMW models. At the rear, there is good knee room for passengers traveling at the ends. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the fifth passenger, who has to sit with an extremely high central tunnel between his legs. The large 455-litre trunk has not changed from the old C-Class. Thankfully.

consumption and performance

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Performance just doesn’t please more than consumption

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The C300 features the same mild hybrid set offered in the previous generation of the C-Class. There are 258 hp and 40.8 kgfm extracted from the 2.0 turbo engine and another 27 hp and 20.4 kgfm from the electric motor.

The good performance results in acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in six seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h. The nomenclature “mild hybrid” is due to the fact that the electric drive performs some functions of the car instead of pulling it, as in a pure hybrid vehicle. Its main function is to save the combustion engine in situations that do not require acceleration, such as when cruising. In this condition, the vehicle runs in Neutral – something similar to the famous “toothless”.

Evidently, this performance of the 48-volt set contributes to reducing fuel consumption. During our evaluation, which included a journey of approximately 150 kilometers on highways, we reached an average above 13 km/l. That is, practically the same as the 12.9 km/l declared by the manufacturer in the same environment. In the city, we also managed to approach the average of 10.9 km/l.


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Futuristic cabin enchants with two gigantic screens

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The C300 is the most luxurious version of the range – at least until AMG-prepared configurations arrive. This means items such as 6 airbags, keyless door unlocking, parking assistant system, reversing camera, ambient lighting, logo projection on the outside of the car, illuminated sills, electrically adjustable front seats, MBUX multimedia center with personal assistant. and recognition of voice commands, cell phone charging by induction, panoramic sunroof, electric folding rear-view mirrors, headlights with full LED lighting.

In front of the entry-level C200 configuration, the top version adds 19-inch alloy wheels, digital air conditioning with four temperature zones, head up display and 360-degree parking camera.

maintenance and security

In terms of safety, the C300 comes with several driving assists. There is Forward Collision Alert, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control (capable of accelerating, braking and making light turns without human intervention) with traffic function, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Sensor, Adaptive High Beam and lane departure alert, among other items.


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BMW 330e is the biggest rival for bringing hybrid propulsion

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As is customary, the C-Class competes with fellow countrymen BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. But in the case of the C300, the main fight is with the BMW 330e M Sport.

As in the Mercedes-Benz representative, the sedan uses hybrid technology. The difference is that while the C-Class is a mild hybrid, the 330e is a pure hybrid – that is, it effectively has two engines. We’re talking about a 184 hp 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with a 113 hp electric drive.

In the combined numbers, the 330e reaches 292 hp and 42.8 Nm of maximum torque – more than the C300. Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is practically identical in both cars (the BMW is 0.1 second faster) and the range of the 330e in electric mode reaches 56 km. Finally, the price also favors the rival: R$ 379,950.

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