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Cristian Pavón was announced by Atlético-MG and is already training in Cidade do Galo to be able to reinforce Antonio Mohamed’s team from the opening of the window, on July 18. Of the four new athletes, he is the one with the most impressive CV, mainly because he played in the 2018 World Cup for Argentina. At 26, El Kichán also arrives backed by the praise of world football stars.

Pavón started to attract attention in football in 2018, when he was 22 years old. He came to be compared to Alexis Sánchez and entered Arsenal’s crosshairs. He was the darling and bet of Jorge Sampaoli (former coach of Galo) in the Argentine national team for the Russian Cup. And it was at the time that he also won public praise from none other than Lionel Messi.

“He’s a very fast player and he makes a difference. I’ve found a new partner” (Messi)

According to the Catalan portal “Don Balón”, at the time, Messi even indicated the signing of the striker from Barcelona. There was a dispute with Arsenal for values ​​close to 50 million euros. It didn’t work out.

Pavón and Messi in training for the Argentina national team, in 2018 — Photo: Reproduction Instagram

In the preview of the World Cup, another teammate who also spoke about the young promise of the time was Angel Di María.

– He is a player who has impressive potential. He is going through a good moment and still has a lot to grow (…). He has a lot of speed – said the striker.

Di María completed the reasoning with what everyone in Argentine football was projecting for Pavón’s future. Europe seemed an inevitable destination, and it would be difficult to keep it in Boca.

– He had a great year and it will certainly be difficult to keep him at Boca. It’s difficult not to sell a player like that, any club in Europe will want to have him, and certainly after the World Cup much more.

Cristian Pavón training Argentina — Photo: Ricardo Mazalan/AP

Pavón participated in all four of Argentina’s games at the World Cup in Russia. He started in the elimination game, in the round of 16, for the champions France (4-3). But the projections were not fulfilled. Instead of Europe, the forward ended up in the MLS a year later, to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy that had, at the time, Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a big star.

“Let’s go Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

On loan to Galaxy, Pavón continued to accumulate good performance and positive numbers in the United States. Facts that made the Swedish star praise the Argentine.

“He’s very good, very good. Pavón is too good for the MLS, he won’t be here for long” (Ibra)

Pavón played in the MLS in the 2019 and 2020 seasons. At the end of the loan contract, the American team even showed interest in the definitive purchase with Boca, but only accepted to pay half of the amount stipulated in the contract, of 20 million dollars. . It didn’t work out, and he went back to Xeneizes without ever being able to obtain abroad what was expected of him.

Pavón and Ibrahimovic at the Los Angeles Galaxy, in 2019 – Photo: Harry How/AFP

In the Argentine team, Pavón participated throughout the 2021 season and closed the year with 36 games, four goals and five assists – champion of the Argentina Cup. At the turn of the year, he was on a collision course with the board for two reasons: an alleged problem with a poorly treated ankle injury, and complaints about the devaluation of his contract with Boca.

El Kichán signed a pre-contract with Atlético at the end of February. He hasn’t played since December, due to being removed from Boca, but he will try to recover at Galo the prestige that once made him attract the attention of great stars of world football.

Allegation of sexual abuse

In February 2021, Pavón was denounced for sexual abuse by Gisele Doyle during a party in the player’s hometown, Córdoba, and even had a request for preventive detention. Before signing an agreement with the striker, Galo delved into the accusation, still without a final legal decision.

In February of this year, the ge published that Atlético even sent a professional to Argentina to delve into the case and have access to the court proceedings, as well as the investigation by the Judiciary Police. The victim’s account was considered “serious and credible” for the opening of an evidence-gathering procedure. However, Galo obtained a report in which the evidence of the investigation points to the lack of proof of sexual crime.

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