Mourning! Actress of Secret Truths dies and the plot sequence is canceled

Mourning: Famous actress who acted in the first part of Verdades Secretas has confirmed death

The 11pm soap operaSecret Truths” (2015), without a doubt, was a great success in the Globe. the plot of Walcyr Carrasco told a controversial story and was even nominated for an International Emmy, equivalent to the Oscar of television.

Despite being recorded in 2015, in January of this year, the Globe reprized the successful plot, which featured a sequel at the end of last year, made exclusively for the Globoplay streaming platform. However, an actress who participated in the first season, and the most popular of the soap opera, passed away.

This is the veteran actress, Theresa Amayo, who was battling aggressive kidney cancer, and despite all treatments, he couldn’t resist. She was 88 years old and was once considered for the cast of “A Place in the Sun”, but the production chose to release her to deal with her health problems.

In publication of magazine with you!, Theresa Amayo was cited as one of the most beautiful women on TV. In note, the newspaper O Globo confirmed the information of the death of the actress that was given by her own family. The news caused great commotion in the Rio de Janeiro station, which was even thinking of a new project for the artist.

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Theresa Amayo collected television roles. In addition to “Secret Truths“, where she played a socialite, she is also remembered for her role in the soap opera “Lady of destination” (2004), which marked an epoch.

Veteran Actress Theresa Amayo's Death Note
Veteran Actress Theresa Amayo’s Death Note (Reproduction / Instagram)

Part 3 of the plot is canceled by Globo

After two seasons, the author of the plots, Walcyr Carrascodropped out of making a sequel to “Secret Truths“. According to TV Observatory website, he would be focused on another project, writing full steam ahead to air in 2023.

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Remembering that the main actress of the plot, Camila Queirozwho gave life to the character Angel, also left Globo in a troubled way at the end of last year and before concluding its denouement in “Secret Truths 2” (2021), causing several inconveniences for the author.

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