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Police officer Rhillayne Oliveira de Mello was part of the 7th BPM (São Gonçalo)
Reproduction – 04.07.2022

Police officer Rhillayne Oliveira de Mello was part of the 7th BPM (São Gonçalo)

The husband of PM Rhaylayne Oliveira de Mello — arrested for killing his sister, Rhayna Mello, during an argument at a gas station in São Gonçalo, Rio Metropolitan Region, last Saturday, the 2nd — told the police that the woman had been showing herself nervous and “clearly impatient”. Also a PM soldier, Leonardo de Paiva Barbosa said that Rhaylayne was at home at dawn, hours before the crime, to get the pistol she used in Rhayna’s murder.

Leonardo testified at the Niterói DH around noon on Saturday, about four hours after Rhayna’s death. The Military Police soldier said that he had a relationship with Rhillayne for about a year and a half. He said that his wife had gone out on Friday night, the 1st, for a family party.

He told police he was asleep at around 3am when Rhaillayne got home, went to his room and grabbed something he couldn’t tell what it was. Without saying anything, the policewoman left the house again; Leonardo said he had gone back to sleep.

Forty-eight minutes later, the soldier said he received a call from Rhillayne’s mother, saying that the police, very nervous, had argued with her and another sister. Leonardo got up to look for his wife’s gun, a Glock point 40, which belongs to the PM and was on guard with Rhillayne. And he didn’t find the gun.

Soon after, around 4 am on Saturday, Leonardo said he received a new call, this time from Rhillayne’s other sister, saying he was worried, because the PM soldier was “extremely nervous”. At the request of his sister-in-law, the policeman called the wife’s father, but he, Leonardo explained to the DH police, preferred not to go to his daughter’s meeting, because “her presence could make the situation worse”.

Search for PM in bars

At 4:30 am on Saturday, about three and a half hours before the crime, Leonardo said he went looking for his wife, walking through bars near the couple’s house, in São Gonçalo. The policeman was informed by Rhayna that her sister was at a bar. There, the soldier found his wife drinking alone, but apparently calm. Rhillayne, Leonardo claimed, did not want to go home. The PM said he noticed that the policewoman was armed.

Leonardo told the police that he left the bar and went to his mother-in-law’s house, where he stayed for about an hour. He came home at 6 am. It was about two hours before Rhillayne shot her sister.

Only at 7:55 am the policeman received a new call, according to what he told DH in Niterói. It was Rhayna asking for help, saying that Rhaylayne was upset and drunk in the middle of the street. Leonardo said he went to the place where the two were, a gas station on Rua Francisco Portela, in the Camarão neighborhood. He arrived at the scene around 8:10 am and reported finding his wife “with clear signs of intoxication, and continuing to use alcohol”.

When he arrived at the scene, Rhayna and Rhaynayne got into an argument, which quickly turned into a physical confrontation. He tried, with the help of others, to break up the fight. When they managed to stop the attacks and separate the sisters, Leonardo told the police that his wife pulled the gun and started shooting in Rhayna’s direction — the soldier couldn’t say how many shots were fired. He claimed not to have approached Rhillayne because he “feared for her life”.

Rhayna, he said, stopped shooting for a moment and Rhayna returned to physical confrontation with her sister. At that moment, Leonardo reported hearing another shot. It was the shot that hit the victim, who fell to the ground apparently dead. The police officer gave his wife a voice of arrest, took her gun and drove her to the 73rd DP (Neves) — the case was later forwarded to the Niterói DH.

Regarding the nervousness that Rhillayne had been showing, Leonardo told the police that the reason for the fights at home “were mainly for financial reasons”.

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