on stage, singer says she was expelled for not saying ‘hello’ to the mayor

The singer Tayara Andreza had its show interrupted, on Saturday night (2), in tracunhaémin the Zona da Mata of Pernambuco. She’s one of the state’s cheesy stars and says she was kicked off stage because she didn’t say hello to the town’s mayor, Brother Aluizio (PL).

On stage, she warned the public gathered for the celebration of São João that she would need to interrupt the presentation. “We would have a lot of songs ahead of us. But the people at City hall asked us to end the show. (…) The mayor and I don’t know who got angry because I wasn’t saying ‘hello'”, complained the singer.

She says her showtime isn’t over. After leaving town, she says the performance suffered from one hour delay. During the show, she complains that the production interrupted her with her cell phone to say hello to the mayor.

“They didn’t put a piece of paper on the stage for me to read the mayor’s name! The two times they gave me [o celular] I read but I can’t guess his name, who didn’t like that I didn’t call. (…) Every show I say hello, I have no problem with that”, said Tayara, in stories from your Instagram.

She says she made a point of explaining to the public what happened. After leaving the stage, she says that she lost access to her dressing room and that the city ​​hall staff threw pepper spray in the band’s musicians.

The column tried to contact the City of Tracunhaém, but so far has not been successful. So far, Mayor Irmão Aluizio has not commented on social media. The space remains open.

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