PEC dos Auxílios now goes to the Chamber of Deputies; understand

It was approved by the Federal Senate last Thursday, June 30, the Aid PECwhich stipulates a BRL 41.25 billion package to reduce the impact of consecutive increases in the price of fuels. Basically, the PEC improves existing social programs, in addition to creating new ones. benefits. The project goes to the Chamber of Deputies now.

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The PEC vote would take place on Wednesday, June 29, but ended up being postponed due to pressure from the opposition, which requested more time to discuss the text. The main point of contention was the mechanism that allows the federal government to declare a state of emergency when it comes to fuel.

Another change made at the last minute, promoted by the rapporteur, was also the creation of an aid that would be paid to taxi drivers who are duly registered.

According to information provided by the government, Bezerra established that the new benefit would be limited to an expenditure of approximately R$ 2 billion. The amount, in turn, will be directed to taxi drivers and will be paid monthly, however we have not yet obtained information on what this amount will be.

At first, the amendment was also including application drivers. However, the government declared that it would have difficulties finding mechanisms to regulate the transfer to professionals who collaborated with the transport platforms.

We separate below the main points of the PEC

  • Increases the value of Auxílio Brasil by R$ 200, from R$ 400 to R$ 600, at an estimated cost of R$ 26 billion;
  • Clears the Auxílio Brasil queue. Currently, more than 1.6 million people are waiting to be included in the benefit payment;
  • Increases the gas voucher to the equivalent of one cylinder per bimester. This measure is budgeted at R$ 1.5 billion;
  • Creates a benefit of R$ 1 thousand to autonomous cargo carriers. The measure, which will cost R$ 5.4 billion, only covers truck drivers with the National Registry of Road Cargo Transport (RNTRC);
  • Creates a benefit to be paid to taxi drivers, at a fixed cost of R$ 2 billion;
  • It compensates, at a cost of R$ 2 billion, states that provide free urban public transport for the elderly.

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