Poliana Rocha defends Zé Felipe and detonates Pabllo Vittar: “Envy”

Pablo Vittar and Poliana Rocha

Pablo Vittar and Poliana Rocha

Photo: Reproduction Instagram

Poliana Rocha45 years old, pinned Pablo Vittar28 years old, on Saturday night, 02. The reason was a statement by the drag queen about her son’s music, Zé Felipe24 years old.

In interaction with his followers on Instagram, Leonardo’s wife was asked about Pabllo Vittar’s statement about the song ‘Bandido’, by Zé Felipe. In response, Poliana used a ready-made text. “Out of admiration or envy, someone will always have something to say about you. In either case, keep making your plans happen as they speak,” the text read.

It didn’t take long and Poliana’s followers began to think that the message was a stab at Pablo Vittar.

understand the case

Zé Felipe, singer and tiktoker

Zé Felipe, singer and tiktoker

Photo: Instagram / @zefelipecantor

The singer went to the networks last Saturday, 02, to contest the fact that the YouTube have restricted their song ‘Bandida’, in partnership with Pokahin November 2020. According to the drag queen, the platform forced her to change the name of the track to release it on the platform.

In contrast, Zé Felipe last month released a song called ‘Bandit‘ and didn’t face the same restrictions as Pabllo. The drag queen did not take the episode lightly and ended up venting on social media.

“I am only very sad when I see this discrepancy, as the guidelines of the YouTube are the same for everyone. Why is it always like this with me? Sometimes it seems like people are picking on us, but that just gives us more strength to get our jobs done,” said the drag queen.

Still in videos posted on Instagram, Pablo Vittar asserts that the criticism is not directed at Zé Felipebut to the platform.

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