PVC sees the Training Center as a ‘great hire’ for Botafogo: ‘Continuous injuries give this idea’

O Botafogo will face Red Bull Bragantino this Monday with ten absences – eight for physical reasons. The problem has been disrupting the team’s sequence in the season and making coach Luís Castro move the team a lot, in addition to clamoring for reinforcements.

The alvinegra board has been moving in this second transfer window, which opens on July 18. However, for commentator Paulo Vinicius Coelho, Botafogo’s main signing would be to have a CT ready, something that has been seen as a priority by John Textor.

– These continuous injuries… Diego Gonçalves started well against América-MG in the Copa do Brasil, played 18 minutes and left injured with the same injury. This gives the notion that Botafogo’s big hire is the Training Center. It’s not just the field of the game, training, it’s the equipment, which will do the maintenance of the player – said PVC, in “SporTV News”.

When he came to Brazil, John Textor visited land and is looking for short-term solutions – renting a place and carrying out faster improvement works – and for the long term. Meanwhile, Botafogo has been doing most of the training at Espaço Lonier, which has fields ready, but the internal structure is still precarious.

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