Rhinitis symptoms go beyond sneezing; learn to identify the problem

Rhinitis: wrinkles under the eyes is among the symptoms of allergy

Rhinitis: wrinkles under the eyes is among the symptoms of allergy

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For those who live with rhinitis, sneezing and itchy nose are part of the routine. And these are precisely the most common indicators of respiratory allergy, but they are not the only ones. The presence of small folds (that “double line”) under the eyes can also indicate rhinitis.

Allergist at Edmundo Vasconcelos Hospital, Dr. Yara Mello, explains that these signs are linked to common characteristics of the skin of those who are predisposed to develop allergic reactions, such as rhinitis. “An atopic person, as we classify individuals who are more likely to develop allergic reactions, tend to have drier skin, with less lubrication, and therefore may have folds under the eyes”, she reveals.

Generally, the sign appears in childhood, and must be analyzed in conjunction with other elements. “This is just another indication that helps when identifying an atopic patient, but never the only one. In the case of rhinitis, it is very important that there is a correct diagnosis of the cause so that the treatment is carried out not only in moments of crisis” , highlights the allergist.

skin care

Those who live with rhinitis must be especially careful with their skin, and also with allergies. Yara indicates that maintaining the body’s hydration is a way to ensure the skin’s defense and thus avoid infections – whether viral or bacterial.

“Because they have a drier skin and, therefore, without much natural defense, atopic people live with a greater probability of developing infections. Therefore, it is essential to be more careful with their health in general”, explains the specialist.

For bathing, she recommends brief, lukewarm showers, as well as avoiding the use of sponge pads on the skin. According to the doctor, even rubbing the towel on the body can cause reactions. “Therefore, skin hydration should be a point of attention and occur at least twice a day. And it is of course worth the always timely tip: drinking an adequate volume of water is essential”, she concludes.

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