‘same underwear 6 days ago’

Brazilian comedian Abdías Melo during an interview at Lisbon airport (Photo: Reproduction/Social Media)

Brazilian comedian Abdías Melo during an interview at Lisbon airport (Photo: Reproduction/Social Media)

A Brazilian went viral after giving an interview to a Portuguese TV on Saturday afternoon (2) when he said he had been wearing the same underwear for 6 days.

The interview was to show the suffocation experienced by passengers waiting at Lisbon International Airport, after numerous flights were canceled due to a strike.

In the interview, the Brazilian comedian, Abdiás Melo, vents to the journalist of the RTP channel:

“My angel, I’ve had the same underwear for six days. I didn’t shower. It’s absurd, my armpit is stinking and they don’t do anything,” she complains.

The comedian still regrets the lack of information about the canceled flights and with humor says he has a cold since “he can only poop at home”.

Abdiás showed on his social networks the situation experienced by passengers waiting at the airport. In another video, the comedian is applauded by passengers as he complains about waiting at the airport.

So far, more than 65 flights have been cancelled, causing long queues with thousands of passengers.

Strike brings chaos to Europe’s airports

Lisbon airport is one of those suffering from the strike by airport workers in Europe. There are also cancellations and delays at Charles de Gaulle airport, the largest in France, Spain and Germany.

Employees at several European airports are demanding pay increases and better working conditions. The protests take place in the middle of summer on the continent, when hundreds of people travel on vacation.

Ryanair cabin crews in Spain plan to go on strike for 12 days this month, according to unions USO and SICTPLA.

At the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, the most important in France, 150 flights out of the 1300 scheduled were canceled until 2 pm local time this Saturday. About 12% of the total.

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