Sepultura’s wife Andreas dies at 52

Patricia Perissinotto, wife of Andreas Kisser of Sepultura, died today, aged 52. The information was confirmed by the guitarist of the heavy metal band on his Instagram earlier this afternoon. The producer and businesswoman treated colon cancer.

When announcing the news, Andreas recalled his story with his partner, with whom he started the relationship in 1990, praising Patrícia as “mother, daughter, friend and company” and her strength after the diagnosis of the tumor.

“This was the last post of the love of my life, Pat Kisser, on Valentine’s Day and going through the worst moment of our lives. I just have to thank you for the privilege of having Patricia in my life. My girlfriend, my wife and my best friend! My north, my inspiration and the best experience of life. How I learned from you, how I improved with you, how I grew up. Since 1990, when we had our first kiss in the middle of a street in Mogi das Cruzes where you were in medical school, we never parted,” said Andreas, sharing a photo of the woman’s necklace, with a pendant with photos of the two in their youth.

“She continued strong until the last moment, always worried about everyone around her and facing the situation head on, with strength and determination. My admiration for you is eternal. I love you! I’m sure we will cross paths again in some dimension beyond this Earth! Rest in peace my love, thank you for everything, sorry for having drunk a lot on some occasions, being a jealous idiot at the beginning of the relationship, among other things that bothered you. (…) I love you ! My path was always lighter by your side!”, completed the musician.

Sepultura shared an official note, confirming the death: “His existence will forever remain in our lives and in our memories. We thank friends for all the support and messages of affection. We ask for privacy in this difficult time”, reads the note posted on the page. by the band and signed by Andreas and his children, Giulia, 27, Yohan, 25, and Enzo, 17.

Giulia, the couple’s daughter, also left a statement for Patricia on her social networks. The makeup artist highlighted her longing for her mother and the family’s “confusion” with the death of the producer.

“It’s so much confusion in my head, I feel selfish to want you to rest soon and we can have peace, I feel selfish to want you here suffering, I feel bad with so much thought inside me. That’s why I just want all of us to have peace and let’s be well at the right time, I asked the universe a lot, I really do! I’ll continue to believe that everything happens for a reason and everything has the right time, even though it often doesn’t make any sense. I miss your little voice and I’m sure that wherever you are now, you’re crying now, bye mom,” she wrote.

Recently, Andreas dropped out of Sepultura’s European tour to closely monitor Patricia’s health situation.

Yohan also left a memory of his mother on his Instagram profile, sharing a newborn photo, in Patricia’s arms.

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