Should you train when you have the flu? – 07/04/2022

In the cold, we either have the flu or we know someone who has the disease. And a common doubt of those who exercise regularly is: should I train even with the flu? There is even the culture of sweating it out to get rid of the flu. But is this good?

For sure, exercising regularly strengthens immunity and prevents diseases. However, if the flu has already caught you, the best thing to do is not always train — and that will depend on the symptoms you have.

If you have severe body aches, high fever (temperature above 38ºC) or difficulty breathing and chest pain, physical exercise is not recommended. In these cases, it is important to focus on recovery: rest and pay close attention to hydration.

Another care is in relation to the popular saying “sweat the disease”. We cannot say that perspiring during training really has the power to cure the flu and doing excessive physical activity can even worsen the physical conditions of the person with the flu. Intense workouts overload the immune system, leaving the practitioner more exposed to flu symptoms.

If you don’t have a fever or body aches, it is recommended that you engage in low-intensity activities such as walking or light jogging — these aerobic stimuli can really help you feel better by relieving nasal congestion. But it is very important that you be prudent and make an assessment of how you feel, as symptoms can vary from individual to individual. If you’re not sure what to train, see a doctor.

In the post-flu, it is important that the practice of activity is gradually resumed. Returning with caution is important to prevent excessive exercise from generating risks to your health, such as a possible worsening of the disease that is not yet fully cured.

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