Singer has show interrupted for not saying “hello” to the mayor

posted on 07/03/2022 14:57

  (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram/@tayaraandreza)

(Credit: Reproduction/Instagram/@tayaraandreza)

The brega singer Tayara Andreza said, on Saturday (2/6), that she had a show interrupted during the São João de Tracunhaém, in Pernambuco, for not greeting the mayor of the city, Aluízio Xavier da Silva, in the presentation.

“We still had a lot of music ahead of us to play for you. The show lasts an hour and twenty, an hour and a half more or less, but I found out now that the people here at City Hall asked us to end the show, right? “Because as far as I know, I was hired to sing, not to say hello,” Tayara told the audience on stage.

In Instagram stories, the singer also reported that there were threats to her production team and the use of pepper spray. “A lack of respect for me, my musicians and fans”, says Tayara.

O Mail tried to contact the city hall of the city of Tracunhaém, but still no response. The space remains open.

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