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Tayara Andreza doesn’t say hello to the mayor and has a show interruptedInstagram Playback

Published 04/07/2022 09:22 | Updated 04/07/2022 09:29

Rio – Tayara Andreza had her show interrupted at the Trezenário de Tracunhaém party, in Pernambuco, this Saturday (2), after not sending a ‘hello’ to the city’s mayor. On stage, the singer vented about the early termination of her performance by giving satisfaction of the case to the public.

“I found out now that the people here at the city hall are asking us to end the show. As far as I know, I was hired to sing, not to say hello. Then the mayor, who knows who, because I wasn’t saying hello, asked me to end the show”, she said, who continued: “Unfortunately I’m leaving now, because he’s asking me to leave the stage. I had nothing to do, my time isn’t over yet. And another thing: or I sing, or I say hello, my love. They didn’t even put the paper here with the name for me to say hello”.

The confusion went further. Through a series of videos posted on Instagram Stories, Tayara revealed that her team was assaulted by the event’s production after leaving the stage. “They went for my musicians, to beat my musicians. They took the boys’ credentials, they went upstairs, the police had to come. They sprayed pepper. Not the police, the people there sprayed them with pepper. Hell, cursing,” he said.

Apology and removal from the secretary

The mayor of Tracunhaém, Aluízio Xavier, apologized to Tayara Azevedo, this Monday, through social media. He also informed that he decided to remove the Secretary of Tourism and Culture, Pedro Júnior, after what happened.

“The singer is not to blame because she was taken off stage and neither am I. […] We took the decision, listening to both parties, to remove the Secretary of Culture from the post. I want to apologize to Tayara and say that just as she was a victim, so was I,” he said.

Aluízio also said that he sought out the singer to find out more details of what happened. “When she saw me, she recognized that I wasn’t the one in the place. […] She justified herself and told me that she thought it was me because they used my name. As a manager of the municipality, I also took responsibility for that action, I apologized to her at that moment “, he declared.

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