Sonia Abrão revolts with Globo, defends presenter and detonates

Presenter Sonia Abrão gave her opinion on the new program Encontro

Presenter Sonia Abrão did not like the situation of Manoel Soares as assistant in the presentation of Patrícia Poeta. “Again, poor Manoel Soares was a bit sidelined in this story”, she criticized.

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Therefore, Sonia Abrão justified her opinion. “It went from Fátima to Patrícia Poeta and from Patrícia Poeta to Fátima. Manoel is not on the same level as a presenter. The tendency is that he will stay more in the news than in the studio”, said Sonia Abrão.

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RedeTV’s contractor! also shot about the relationship between Fátima Bernardes and Patrícia Poeta. “It was the most that could be achieved. Miracles didn’t work, especially in the way things had been developing up to that point. The people at the top must have given thanks to God. At least they didn’t poke each other, they didn’t pin each other,” she declared.

Presenter criticizes Fátima Bernardes costume

And do not stop there. Sonia also complained about the costumes of Fátima Bernardes in her farewell to the Meeting.

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“Guys, it’s a farewell, not a mourning! She had to be in a happy color, she could be in white, blue, green, red, something that gave life. Now black, for a farewell, it seems something that is not full of hope, that there will be a new stage, that a cycle is just ending and that things will continue in a good way. I didn’t like this story about black people, and I love black people, I would only be dressed in black”, concluded Sonia Abrão about Fátima Bernardes’ costumes.

Manoel Soares and Patrícia Poeta will take over the Meeting (Photo: Reproduction)
Manoel Soares and Patrícia Poeta will take over the Meeting (Photo: Reproduction)

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