SUS pharmacies in Jaraguá distribute more than 70 thousand medicines in June

The Health Department of Jaraguá do Sul has been registering a considerable increase in the number of SUS pharmacies in the municipality.

According to the folder, in June, 71,000 medicines were delivered to basic, integrated and district pharmacies that serve health centers in the João Pessoa, Nereu Ramos Czerniewicz and Barra do Rio Cerro neighborhoods. In May, that number was 63,000 medications.

Health Programs Manager Irineu Pasold attributed this increase to the current high cost of medicines in private pharmacies and also to the proximity of district pharmacies for residents of more distant neighborhoods from the Center.

“The resident who used to buy at the private pharmacy in the neighborhood to avoid having to go to the basic pharmacy, in the Center, now uses the district pharmacy close to his neighborhood to get the medication for free”, explains Pasold.

Health Secretary Alceu Gilmar Moretti adds that the expansion of hours also facilitated access for those from Jaragua who have SUS revenue.

Investments in medicines

The Health Department of Jaraguá invests R$ 1.2 million annually in medicines that are distributed in SUS pharmacies in the municipality, that is, R$ 100 thousand monthly.

The Ministry of Health invests BRL 90,000 in mental health and the Santa Catarina government more than BRL 90,000. These almost BRL 300,000 per month do not account for the current expense of more than BRL 500,000 per month. Extra expenses are subsidized by the municipality.

“Actually, the qualified service of pharmacies is of paramount importance in the search for recovery, health maintenance. All work done by the network, through the UBSs or the Medium and High Complexity Specialties, has a common point of convergence: the drugs prescribed by the service. All converge on pharmacies”, adds Irineu Pasold.

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