TikTok +18 offers risks! See how the pirated version of the app works

In an attempt to circumvent the rules of content production, they developed a channel for sharing sensitive images linked to pornography, violence and even fake news that violate human rights.

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The first thing you should know is that there is no legitimacy in the application. It is unknown who created the fake TikTok that has been drawing attention on the internet. The number of searches with the description ”TikTok +18” has grown in recent days, as noted in Google Trends records.

In this case, the same APK (Android Package Kit) of the official version was used by the programmers, resulting in the replica. However, it encourages the production of material unsuitable for minors. ByteDace, responsible for the official TikTok, denies having any involvement in the project and warns the public not to confuse the two services, as they recently received a notification from the public prosecutor in Brazil.

Application that imitates TikTok, despite working, does not have good levels of data security

Google Play and iOS did not accept the app in their stores, so whoever downloads it, looks for an external source. And this is the main danger, because any external link can be of dubious origin. The chance of it being malware increases, resulting in data theft and increasing cyberattacks on your networks.

For those who have already downloaded the application, an antivirus should be downloaded urgently, preventing further damage. Especially people who use the Android system, more susceptible to intruders. However, try to stay away from platforms that do not have security authentication, even if they work normally, appearing to have no errors.

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