US ambassador tells China to stop lying about war

US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns said today that he would like China to “stop spreading lies” about the war in Ukraine. According to him, Chinese authorities repeat Russian versions of the conflict that are not true.

Burns was attending the 10th edition of the World Peace Forum, which takes place in Beijing, and was asked what China could do to contribute to the resolution of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“I hope that Chinese Foreign Ministry spokespeople will stop accusing NATO of starting this war. This is Russian propaganda,” the US ambassador said. “I hope that the Foreign Ministry spokespeople will also stop telling lies about American bio-weapons labs, which do not exist in Ukraine,” he continued.

All this came from Russia. Unfortunately, this was picked up by the Chinese.
US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns

Last Thursday (30), China criticized NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and accused the military alliance of having “bloodstained hands”. The position was a response to a document published by the organization the day before that said China represents a “challenge” to the interests and security of NATO countries.

Earlier, Western powers had repeatedly warned Beijing against any support for Russia in the war against Ukraine, which China did not condemn. In turn, China criticizes NATO as a hostile military organization, serving the interests of the United States.

*With AFP

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