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Published 07/03/2022 13:40

Rio – Vasco issued a note this Sunday to clarify its planning for the Maracanã. In a note, Cruzmaltino said that it intends to play its main games at the stadium, estimating between 12 and 15 matches, and made São Januário available to Fluminense to reduce the number of games there.

In the statement, Vasco also claims to seek an understanding with Flamengo and Fluminense, clubs interested in bidding for Maracanã. Cruzmaltino emphasizes that the stadium is a “public facility” and says that “it makes no sense to hold games with 10,000 or 15,000 spectators at Maracanã and leave out matches with the potential of 70,000 fans”, referring to the veto for the match. this Sunday, against Sport.

Read the full note:

1 – About new bidding/understanding with other clubs:

Maracanã is a public facility and the best solution would be an understanding between the clubs that have expressed interest, so that everyone can use the stadium according to their characteristics and needs, on a pre-agreed basis. Vasco intends to use Maracanã only for its main games, with high public demand. We estimate something like 12 to 15 matches a year. For the other games we have our house, São Januário. Starting from the 70 games/year recommended by the state government, and using objective criteria such as the public average, Flamengo could play their 35 games a year at Maracanã and Fluminense something like 20 or 23 games. We offer São Januário to Fluminense as an alternative to compose the calendar, and in our city we still have Nilton Santos. What makes no sense is to hold games with 10,000 or 15,000 spectators at Maracanã and leave out matches with the potential of 70,000 fans, like the one Vasco plays this Sunday against Sport.

2 – About synthetic grass:

We have a tradition of playing with natural grass and we understand that it would be preferable, and possible, to keep Maracanã that way. What cannot be accepted is that restrictions are imposed on the fair right of clubs in Rio to play at Maracanã. Synthetic grass is a reality in Brazil and in the world, technology has been advancing rapidly. We understand that in an extreme situation, this can be a solution.

3 – About the possible return of Maracanã management to the State Government?

Vasco believes that clubs are perfectly capable of managing Maracanã, as long as there is a bidding process with equal opportunities for participation, rationality, clear rules, and, ideally, with the clubs in agreement. Maracanã was built with taxes paid by Cariocas and Rio de Janeiro and must fulfill its social function of being open to receive fans from all clubs in Rio, on equal terms. Maracanã is an important generator of jobs and income for local entrepreneurs and for the state, so its use must be optimized. In the last game of Vasco against Cruzeiro at Maracanã we received fans from 22 units of the federation. What no one can admit is the attempt to appropriate a public good by curtailing the rights of others, as, incidentally, the Rio Court of Justice has ratified in recent decisions.

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