Want to change your iPhone to Android? Check out 9 good reasons

Are you thinking of switching from iPhone to Android? If the doubt persists, know that Google decided to offer some good reasons for you to move on. The message is accompanied by the expansion of the “Switch to Android” feature, which allows the transfer of files between different operating systems.

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Good rations to switch from iPhone to Android

1 – Easier

According to Google, Android makes it easier to express yourself, mainly through Messages, Gboard and RCS.

2 – Videos allow interaction

The company also stressed the importance of devices that allow video chatting within the operating system. Google Meet, WhatsApp and FaceTime stand out.

3 – Swap iPhone for Android to listen to music

According to Google, “Your music will transfer to your Android phone as long as it is free of digital rights management (DRM). Your Apple Music purchases and downloaded content will still be accessible on your Android device via the Apple Music app.”

4 – App compatibility

iOS users can find almost all the same apps they already use on the little robot platform.

5 – More protection?

“Android fights bad apps, malware, phishing and spam and keeps you one step ahead of threats. Messages protects users from 1.5 billion spam messages per month. Android also provides timely recommendations, such as prompting you to select your location sharing preferences when opening an app, to help you make the best decisions for your privacy.

6 – More synergy

Big tech still says it’s worth switching from iPhone to Android because of several apps that can work together in synergy. The spotlight is on Chromebooks, Wear OS smartwatches, Google TVs and Fast Pair-enabled headphones.

7 – Count on Google apps

Google Docs, Google Translate and several others help a lot.

8 – Lots of widgets for you

Your smartphone’s home screen can look the way you want from the various widgets available.

9 – Accessibility

Finally, Google points out that it offers several accessibility tools for its users.

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