With 2 goals from Luciano, São Paulo beats Atlético-GO and touches the G6 of the Brasileirão

With two from Luciano, São Paulo beats Atlético-GO in the Brasileirão

With two from Luciano, São Paulo beats Atlético-GO in the Brasileirão

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São Paulo finally won its first victory as a visitor in the Brazilian Championship. This Sunday, 3, Tricolor defeated Atlético-GO by 2 to 1, in Goiânia, for the 15th round of the tournament. Luciano scored both goals for the Paulistas, while Marlon Freitas scored for the home team.

With the result, coach Rogério Ceni’s team won again after three rounds and rose to seventh place, with 22 points, two less than Internacional, which opens the G6. The Dragon, in turn, is in 15th, with 17.

São Paulo now turns its attention to the Sudamericana. The team receives Universidad Católica-CHI this Thursday, at 21:30 (Brasília time), for the return game of the round of 16. In the first leg, the Paulistas won by 4 to 2. Atlético-GO faces Olímpia, at home, for the same phase of the tournament. In the first match, the Goiás lost by 2 to 0.

The Tricolor’s next commitment in the Brasileirão is on Sunday, at 6 pm, against Atlético-MG, at Mineirão. Simultaneously, the Dragon visits Santos.

The game

The first half started warm at the Antônio Accioly Stadium. The two teams exchanged passes in the defense field, but could not transform possession of the ball into real chances.

The match began to heat up after the 20th minute, when Marlon Freitas took a risk from afar and forced Jandrei to work for the first time. On the other hand, the response from visitors was accurate. Patrick received in the area and hit hard. In an attempt to cut, Baralhas put his hand on the ball. The referee then awarded a penalty. In the charge, Luciano opened the scoring.

The joy of the Paulistas, however, was short-lived. That’s because, five minutes later, the hosts equalized. After a free kick into the area, the referee caught a penalty by Diego Costa on Edson. Marlon Freitas took responsibility and stuffed the nets.

With 37 minutes, Airton had a good chance to put Atletico ahead. The winger took the leftover after a free-kick and released his foot, but sent it over. Already at 46, Shaylon received on the right, cut to the middle and hit with danger from the side.

2nd time

In the return of the interval, the game returned to be balanced in Goiânia. The first real chance to score came in the seventh minute. Nestor took a free-kick and the ball was lost in the middle of the area. Leo tried to stretch to deflect towards the goal, but Ronaldo was faster and made the save.

Next, Diego Costa crossed from the right, Luciano won at the top and headed over. Already at 16, nothing prevented the second goal of shirt 11. Nestor threw it to the header area, the ball deflected in the defense and stayed in the measure for the attacker, who amended a beautiful volley to put São Paulo in front.

From then on, Atletico-GO outlined a pressure in search of the tie. The club, however, had a hard time finding space in the tricolor defense and, as a result, abused crosses.

On the other hand, Tricolor began to exchange passes in the middle of the field to manage the advantage and confirm the club’s first triumph as a visitor in the Brasileirão.



Place: Antônio Accioly Stadium, in Goiânia (GO)

Date: July 3, 2022, Sunday

Time: 16 hours (from Brasilia)

Referee: Wagner do Nascimento Magalhães (FIfa-RJ)

Assistants: Thiago Henrique Neto Farinha (RJ) and Carlos Henrique Alves de Lima Filho (RJ)

VAR: Pathrice Wallace Correa Maia (RJ)

Yellow cards: Ramon, Baralhas, Jefferson, Shaylon, Edson (Atlético-GO); Diego Costa, Calleri, Weligton, Nestor, Léo, Luciano and Gabriel (São Paulo)

GOALS: Marlon Freitas, at 29 of the 1st quarter (Atlético-GO); Luciano, at 24 of the 1st quarter and at 16 of the 2nd quarter (São Paulo)

ATHLETIC-GO: Ronaldo; Hayner, Edson, Ramon and Jefferson (Arthur Henrique); Gabriel Baralhas (Rickson), Marlon Freitas and Shaylon (Léo Pereira); Airton, Wellington Rato (Edson Fernando) and Churin

Technician: jorginho

SAO PAULO: Jandrei; Diego Costa, Miranda and Leo; Igor Vinicius; Igor Gomes, Rodrigo Nestor (Pablo Maia), Patrick (Gabriel) and Welington (Reinaldo); Luciano (Rigoni) and Calleri (Eder)

Technician: Rogerio Ceni

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