with cases on the rise, demand for self-tests grows in Greater Vitória

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Espírito Santo is experiencing a new wave of covid-19, with the number of new cases on the rise. According to data from the State Health Department (Sesa), in the last 14 days, the increase in the number of infected people was almost 128%.

With more people showing symptoms or in contact with patients who have tested positive for Covid-19, the demand for self-tests has also increased. The sale of this test modality to identify the presence of the coronavirus started in March, but pharmacies in Greater Vitória began to register an increase in sales in recent days.

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A survey carried out by the Folha Vitória report found that the demand for self-tests grew in the last week, when the number of new registered cases reached 5,000 a day. The self-test is available for around R$70.

In a pharmacy of the Drogasil Network, in caress, were sold, on average, two tests a day for about two weeks. In recent days, the average daily sales jumped to ten a day.

At Mountain range, a Rede Farmes drugstore also registered an increase. According to employees, the test for covid-19 is carried out for free at the Laranjeiras Terminal, which is close to the establishment, but because of the queue, many people prefer to buy the self-test.

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In a pharmacy of the Santa Lucia chain, in Victory, the search for self-tests has also grown. According to employees, demand is higher during the weekends. In the last one, about eight tests a day.

The situation is repeated in old village. A Pacheco Network pharmacy sold 60 tests only between Friday (01) and Sunday (03). In the entire month of June, were sold 32 tests.

How to use the covid-19 self-test?

The exam, according to experts, is simple to use. It is similar to the rapid antigen test from the pharmacy, in which a sample of nasal secretion or saliva is collected using a swab — similar to a swab with a cotton tip. When testing in pharmacies, assistance from a healthcare professional is required.

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In the self-test, the person can take the exam alone at home, without the need for the presence of a health professional. The recommendation is that it be done between the first and seventh day of symptoms.. Therefore, you need to be very careful.

As each manufacturer presents a different way of driving, it is essential to read the package insert carefully. By following the steps, you avoid the risk of taking the test the wrong way and having an inaccurate result.

With the kit in hand, the secretion from the mouth or nose is collected with a cotton swab. Soon after, the rod is introduced into a container with a chemical liquid for testing.

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Then, it is necessary to drip a few drops of this liquid on the test field (a rectangular plate) and wait 30 to 40 minutes until the result appears. If two lines appear, the test indicates that the patient has tested positive for covid-19.

What symptoms can indicate that I have covid-19?

Self-testing is recommended for people with symptoms that point to Covid-19. Between them:

– Sore throat;
– Fever;
– Tiredness;
– Body pain;
– Cough;
– Loss of taste or smell.

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