Without Maju, Poliana Abritta stops everything in Fantástico and gives destructive news

Alone, Poliana Abritta opened “Fantástico” with destructive news about a case involving a young woman

On the night of this Sunday, another edition of “Fantástico” was shown on TV Globo, the electronic magazine is one of the biggest hits of the station and has a presentation of Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta.

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In the first minutes of the program, Poliana Abritta appeared alone in the studio of “Fantástico” and gave a destructive news about the case of a mother, who was separated from her daughter because of the religion she follows. According to the journalist, the case is being investigated by authorities and could be classified as religious intolerance.

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In a very extensive report, reporters from “Fantástico” talked to the mother: “She would have that crisis, faint and then come back. Then I asked if she was okay, then she said: “I’m fine, Mom”, said the woman. In another excerpt, the report exposed the solution that the housewife took to try to help her daughter: “A mother’s heart could not stand it, a follower of Candomblé, decided to take her daughter to a process of spiritual initiation that lasted three days. Then the teenager went back to school and, according to the family, she started to suffer prejudice from the board”, denounced the report.

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The electronic magazine commanded by Poliana Abritta also addressed the case of a gang of swindlers, who promised to multiply banknotes, in addition, it also released the new series that enter the GloboPlay catalog in the month of July.

Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta together in Fantastic
Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta command Fantástico at Globo – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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